Water Jet Tile Cutting: Grouting

Wednesday 24/08/2011

We glued and grouted the first cut tile.  This involved applying glue to the backs of each tile piece using an applicator and sticking them into place on a piece of timber.  Then we mixed grout with water and filled the gaps in between each piece.

Things we learnt:

  • Hailey fixed up the last drawing file used to cut the tile so that the lines were smoother and the part of the tile that snapped had more space.
  • The last cut showed that the water pressure was on too high when the water jet cutter started cutting and the tile was left with dents
  • The glue is probably better applied to the surface rather than the tile
  • Mix water into the grout, not grout into the water.  We used way to much grout trying to get it to a ‘toothpaste’ consistency
  • The surface on which we adhered our tiles warped and rose in the middle, causing some of the tile to sit higher than other parts, so we need to look out for that in future
For the next step, we have new (demo yard) tiles with different colours and textures to try and cut.

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