Ceiling Laylight

Wood Cutting Ceiling Laylight.          After so many attempts to cut the pattern on MDF we finally had a successful one.  I adjusted the the pattern to ensure the fragile lines would connect and had an approx. 5mm to ensure stubility.   Now our next step is to cut our acrylic (recycle glass) to highlight the leaves and berries.

Recycled Glass Ceiling Laylight.          We adjusted the shape of the leaves and berries to be slightly larger then the MDF cut out panel in Illustrator.  We then arranged the shapes accordingly to the colours, which will be used to cut out on the Acrylic.  Making sure the shapes are placed on the Acrylic with minimum wastage, we then begin to laser-cut our leaves and berries.

Once completed with the laser-cutting process we then begin to sort the coulor Acrylic on the timber panel ready to be glued on to the back of the panel.

Recycled Paper Ceiling Laylight.          This was a simple process, we collected some transparent colored recycled paper.  Then cut them into the leaves and berry shapes and pasted them onto the back of the timber panel.

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