a cafe of the times; past and present

Keeping with the ideas of the six degrees precedent interiors, I wish to highlight my cafe as layers of details juxtaposed within the one composition. I wish to use this idea of meeting materials in a unified manor, where elements of detail emerge as materials intersect.

I wish to take of the philosophy of the firm which highlights the element of the hand made.

The cafe identity that I wish to develop will be a nod to the history of the building. Again using Six Degrees as my precedent, I wish to follow their process of refining an interior in the development of my own brand; in which they “utalizing materials that trigger memory and remind us of past eras”.

In terms of developing what my cafe would offer, proved to be more challenging. While the site is in prime location on a developed cafe strip, I needed to develop a unique space that is not currently being offered in the area. Personally I feel that what Errol street lacks is a cafe that solely specializes in coffee and tea, which is open for longer hours. While two rival cafe/restaurant/bars spill themselves out onto the pavement for many hours of the day, offering meals throughout the day, their quality of beverage is less desired. And those places that pride themselves in cafe culture, with their inhouse roasting and attractive skillful barristers  (like that of six degrees designed Auction Rooms and Di Bella), close by mid afternoon, leaving those people like myself who enjoy an evening long mac, lost within overpowering signage and uninspiring music of the cafe-slash-whatever.

Through my design I want to recapture the essence of the cafe. I want to capture the essence of the avant garde artists of the 1920’s, drawing at their table over their choice of poison, late into the afternoon, completely unaware of the person sitting next to them but completely immersed in their own state of mind.

A place where the communal table rules and power points line the walls, hungry for technical devices of all kinds. A cafe where the barista knows your order and people are happy to either quickly visit or linger in the space. I wish to maintain and reintroduce features of the hand-crafted, like the embossed ceiling, completing the periodic feel to the space. Yet through application of methods of crafting, I hope to initiate a revived life to the space.


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